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The Wesley Historical Society Welcomes You and Values Your Interest

The Wesley Historical Society was founded in 1893 for the advancement of interest in the history of all branches of the Methodist Church.

Rev John Wesley
1703 - 1791

Rev John Wesley
'I look upon the whole
world as my parish'

Rev Charles Wesley
1707 - 1788

Rev Charles Wesley
'God buries His workmen,
but carries on His work'

Wesleyan and Methodist heritage is an integral part of the history of countries worldwide and we welcome everyone who is interested in their own roots, culture and history to visit the pages in this web site.

The Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society are on their way.

This edition contains the Annual Lecture of the Wesley Historical Society.

George Whitefield, John Gillies and the Shaping of the Methodist Past.

  David Ceri Jones

Much more inside. Including a Channel Islands Methodist Magazine and "A Primitive Methodist and Christian Socialist."




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